Feed and Bedding

20 kg of layers pellets great for laying hens, try and keep new birds on the same food when you get them as it can upset their tummy’s moving house and food! If you do want to try another food, change it gradually over a period of time.

£10.00 a bag

5kg bag of wheat which is great for treats! and grown here on our farm.

£4.00 a bag

1 litre tub of mixed poultry grit a must for all hens as birds have no teeth they need this to digest and grind down their food also includes added oyster shell for calcium.

£3.50 a tub

20 kg bale made up of 70% chopped wheat straw and 30% first-grade shavings makes a great bed for your poultry. The straw and shavings is free of mould spores and dust Treated with Salgard anti-bacterial solution with a eucalyptus scent making it extra fresh for your birds!

£9.00 a bale

Big bale of barley straw ideal for nesting produced on the farm

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