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Opening Hours

We are now closed for the winter months. We will reopen the last week of February 2022. All hens have now gone for the year. We advise if you are in search of new hens to wait until spring so you get the best possible start for their laying Cycle with the lighter days. There is also a greater risk of bird flu over the winter months so we like to tighten our bio security by restricting visitors to our birds. The self service feed store will remain open.

Thank you to all our lovely customers this year and hopefully see you in the spring!

Opening Hours are updated regularly and vary from week to week due to other farm commitments, Shows or we may even take the occasional holiday so please check with us if your unsure of opening times or if you need an appointment. We accept payment by cash, card and bank transfer. 

We have COVID safe collections in place and we ask that you wear wellies or similar as you will be asked to dip your feet on entering  our collection area due to the present avian flu risk.