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We are a family run farm specialising in producing and supplying hybrid laying chickens, pure breed poultry and Bantam hens. Based in central East Anglia in the beautiful village of Tostock we are well placed for supplying all of Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire , London and even further afield! Established in 2005 but keeping hens for much longer I hope we can share our knowledge and advice and of course our wonderful poultry.  The Suffolk chicken company came about from our free range egg enterprise which we still run and supply many local customers and shops. People often asked where they could buy the laying hens that laid all the fabulous colours and sizes we produced and so the poultry retail side of the business was born. Run by me Katie, my husband Tom and more recently our two children. We also help run the arable and Livestock side of the farm producing several crops some of which go towards feeding our livestock and we have an award winning pedigree Suffolk sheep flock. As a business we continually try to adapt a sustainable approach to farming while working to conserve nature and wildlife. This is something very important to us alongside producing our top quality poultry and livestock.


Laying Hens


Purebreed Hens

A close-up of colorful rooster with red cockscomb, native breed chicken in southeast asia.


A mallard duck stand on riverbank


There are plenty of different


whether you’re new to the hobby or an experienced chicken keeper I hope we have something for you. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope to hear from you soon! Please check our contact page for opening times and appointments.

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